Welcome Ember: Our new resident Weeaboo

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Here at G3, we enjoy a nice pairing of awesome things. Steak with shrimp, for instance, pairs nicely. Another example would be a nice Arturo Fuente with a 21 year old Glenlivet.

Or if you want to simplify your likes, anime pairs nicely with hot girls.

So, when Ember signed on we couldn’t have been happier. She’s cute, well versed in anything anime, and cute.

We like Ember. She's nice to look at and nice.

We like Ember. She’s nice to look at and nice.

G³ : So you like anime, and call yourself a weeb. But I don’t happen to see a neckbeard anywhere. I’m puzzled.
Ember: Oh, it’s there. I just internalize it. It’s like an inner neckbeard.
G³ : I think I get it. So what would you say is your favorite anime or manga of all time?
She fires back the answer before I can close my mouth from asking her the question.
Ember's hair looks like a Hadouken.

Ember’s hair looks like a Hadouken.

Ember: Dragonball Z.
G³ : How much do you like it? Any body pillows?
Ember stands up, turns around and lifts her shirt revealing a red symbol tattooed on her back.
Ember: Any idea what this means?
G³ : I’m intimidated and giddy. No, I don’t know what that is.
Ember: It’s the Vegeta Royal Saiyan Symbol. Bodypillows are for reformable weebs. I’m heavy thuggin’, son.
Ember is possibly the hottest weeb we know.

Ember is possibly the hottest weeb we know.

G³ : “Heavy thuggin’. I’m totally stealing that. So let me get off a couple of rapid fire questions for you. No thinking allowed, just answer!
Ember: Let’s roll.
G³ : One Punch Man or Goku?
Ember: One Punch Man. His power is to kill anything with one hit. I’m a DBZ fan, but One Punch Mans’ power is simple with no loopholes.
G³ : Broly or the Hulk?
Ember: The Hulk. Hulk doesn’t have a power limiter. The madder he gets, the harder he is to kill. Not to mention, he has a health factor. Broly is just a ball of power his body cannot contain. That power has also fucked up his mind. Broly himself said if he did not let out some of that power he would explode. This results in him letting out a fit of very powerful attacks but also leaves him wide open since he can’t stop venting power or he’ll die. Broly is so strong his own power is killing him, and the Hulk just takes it in stride. Bring on the Broly fanboys.
G³ : I can feel their neckbeards bristling at that. Let’s move on. Do you have a favorite manga?
Ember: I really love Elfen Lied as a manga. It’s got good story, and a great plot twist. The art could be better, but it was made by someone new to the manga world.
G³ : You collect snakes?
Ember: Yep. My favorite snake is named Vegeta.
G³ : Of course you named your favorite snake Vegeta. Well, do you have anything to say to the world, Ember?
Ember: Green is not a creative color

-G³ :

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