UTS-15: Click, Click, BOOM… hiccup

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There’s nothing like a good shotgun.

From Terminator to Army of Darkness the shotgun has always held the affectionate title of ‘boomstick’. It’s a simple concept having barely evolved since it’s inception: fill a projectile with shit and hurl it in a messy spread all over some poor bastards’ ass.

But the beloved shotgun has always had one glaring issue.

Ammo capacity.

You could play chicken with a fart while suffering from diarrhea longer than you could keep shells in your Remmy 870. They just fly right out. But hell, that’s just the way shotguns work, right?

Not anymore. The Turkish UTS-15 gives you two 7-round magazine tubes of fuck-you-I’m-in-charge to mow down everything you could possibly wanna destroy. All this wrapped in a package that really reminds me of something out of Starship Troopers. The weight ain’t half bad either. It feels good in the hands. It took me some time to get used to the tube selector switch (specifically remembering which position indicated which chamber was ready) but that too passed with familiarity.
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So what’s not to love? Unfortunately, reliability.

I’ve had my UTS for about 18 months now. I love it. It’s one of my favorite toys to take to the range or just outside on a fun day. It’s big, mean and sexy/ugly. But this big girl doesn’t always like to bark. Chambering shells became a crap shoot. Granted, I’m possibly making this sound worse than it is, but it’s still notable. I’d say of every 20 rounds chambered I’d have one I’d have to rack again.  Granted, I’m tiny; so this might just be a girl that likes it rough. Short-shucking is typically the best way to fuck up an otherwise smooth shotgun day, but I don’t encounter this issue with any of my other scatterguns.

But I go back to the 15 shells and I find it hard to hold a grudge. If memory serves, I bought this for about $1,200. I’m not sure it was quite worth that, but then again I’m not a fiscal specialist. I think as far as the price goes, I can sum it up by saying if you have some spare cash to burn on a novelty shotgun and you already own the KSG, maybe this is for you. It really is a helluva fun shotgun, and I’m damned glad to have it in my collection.
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