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G³ Presents: Pistol, the tiny, blonde firearms expert!

author image by [G³] | GIRLS | 2 Comments | 10 Jan 2016

The world of firearms is largely a world dominated by men.  It’s also a great way for a guy to win over a pissing contest. If you show up to a gun range meetup boasting your P226 only for your…

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    annakay says:
    awesome article Pistol!you tell them whats up!...
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    MrCat says:
    5v5 Murky is the best brawl "MURGALURGALURG"...
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    Inter5tella says:
    Hey team. letting you know I look foward to a big yeah from the G3 crew!...
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    KellyLamers says:
    You used "waists" when you should have used "wastes". Like the saying goes, "It's better to be silen...
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    FssFzzFssFzz says:
    How does this work? Where do I sign? Do I need to be home between the hours of 8am and 5 pm?...