M249s SAW vs Tiny Schoolgirl!

author image by [G³] | GUNS | 0 Comments | 29 Jun 2016

We all love the SAW. Like the song says, it is the law after all.
The m249s is it’s milder, but still smokin’ little sister. While the lack of fun-switch might be a turnoff for many, it’s still a belt-fed Clinton rustler that’ll paint a smile on any true Americans’ face.
So what could possibly be better? Aside from a full auto selection, of course.
Have a schoolgirl shoot it.
But not just any schoolgirl. We have G3’s very own Pistol shooting it. So as not to disappoint, she shoots it one fucking handed.
No further words needed. Open your eyeholes and watch this shit here:

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    annakay says:
    awesome article Pistol!you tell them whats up!...
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    MrCat says:
    5v5 Murky is the best brawl "MURGALURGALURG"...
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    Inter5tella says:
    Hey team. letting you know I look foward to a big yeah from the G3 crew!...
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    KellyLamers says:
    You used "waists" when you should have used "wastes". Like the saying goes, "It's better to be silen...
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    FssFzzFssFzz says:
    How does this work? Where do I sign? Do I need to be home between the hours of 8am and 5 pm?...