Heroes of the Storm Review!

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“The gates will open in 5…4…3…2…1…”

Starcraft’s Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, along with bad ass night elf leader Tyrande cruise toward the middle lane on their lime greed Void Speeder mounts. The countdown ends and everyone yells their best war-cry as the gates open to the nexus. Diablo and Raynor take cover in the bush in bottom lane, setting up a gank on the enemy team as Thrall gathers XP from minions in the third lane.
Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is a free-to-play MOBA for Windows and OSX. The game features heroes from WoW, Diablo, Starcraft and even The Lost Vikings.
Similar to League of Legends, the team of five is fighting to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus, which lies at the heart of the base on each of the ten maps. This is done by destroying the enemy team’s structures and/or completing objectives. Each map has a different objective. For example, Towers of Doom has alters that must be controlled in order to damage the enemy Nexus and taste the sweet victory from a true ass whoopin’. Build up your hero’s unique abilities and talents to increase your chances to win. Pro tip: Tyrande stuns plus the Kerrigan combo gives a whole new definition to being “a bad bitch.” Three words: team fight domination.
Sound familiar? Besides LoL, DoTA or Smite may also come to mind as you level up your hero while warring over your battle arena.
Blizzard appears to encourage team work as opposed to focusing on carries. Gain 50% more experience when you play with friends and watch teamwork-minded mediocre players decimate teams of self-serving gosu players.
Besides, I know I like to hear my homies give their best war cries in Teamspeak while we wreak havoc on some sub-par team, especially during Free Nova Week (You’ll see what I’m talking about when the time comes).
You don’t know the meaning of life until you’ve fought over vision.
See you in the Nexus!



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    vagicide Reply
    Jan 11, 2016 @ 22:09 pm

    Always die over vision right?

  • author image
    Amanoth Reply
    Jan 12, 2016 @ 14:19 pm

    “Arooooooo, bark bark, bark bark!”
    – Rehgar 2016

  • author image
    MonkBird Reply
    Jan 20, 2016 @ 23:16 pm

    You forgot to mention my boy malfy, the true alfa night elf!

    Tyrande ia a beast too though and especially with the queen like you mentioned! They will literally say “Hey, this is my lane so please back off TO THE NEXUS WHERE YOU BELONG!”.

  • author image
    MrCat Reply
    Jan 12, 2017 @ 11:18 am

    5v5 Murky is the best brawl “MURGALURGALURG”

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  • author image
    MrCat says:
    5v5 Murky is the best brawl "MURGALURGALURG"...
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