2017 Ghost in the Shell Movie: My Only Complaint Before Seeing it

author image by [G³] | NEWS | 1 Comment | 28 Mar 2017

Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to translating anime or games to the big screen.

Don’t agree? Tell me one franchise -anime or gaming- that was given the right treatment by Hollywood. I’ll wait.

Paul Anderson desecrated Resident Evil. James Wong gave DragonBall Evolution the Hollywood enema. Prince of Persia was ‘meh’ at best.

With that said, I’m ready to be patient with Ghost in the Shell. I grew up on the series; having seen the first movie when I was a little girl. The manga and series influenced much of my life and I hold it in extremely high regard. I don’t agree with the ‘whitewash’ outrage, when anime itself is borderline a caricature of westerners; even Oshii himself is fine with the cast. I was ready to turn off my brain and walk into a movie where I was visually stimulated and given some fun to gawk at. I couldn’t wait; I was surfing YouTube for some clips to give me a bit more reassurance that Scarlett wouldn’t #*&! this up, and I came across this:

Seems decent, right? Seems like the writers wanted to pay homage to everything in GitS history with one movie. Seems sort of daunting, but I can try to get into it for funs’ sake.

And then I saw it.

No. That is not what Togusa carries.

At 7:50 into that YouTube video Togusa fires a Chiappa Rhino. I was livid.

For those of you who don’t know, Togusa is the only non cyborg member of the Section 9 team. He’s a family man who makes up for his lack of raw strength or firepower with a cool head and amazing intuition. Aside from the mullet, his other main standout feature should be his MaTeBa 2006m. It’s part of his character. He is often criticized for his preference by the other tech-embracing cyborgs on the team, which shrugs off in favor of his beloved retro MaTeBa.

So, why the switch? I know MaTeBa revolvers aren’t exact easy to come by (I own a few); but surely a big Hollywood studio could find one and foot the bill. Was it to ‘get with the times’ and progress a new narrative to a new generation of fans? That doesn’t make sense, Togusa wouldn’t accept Ghisonis’ later designs anymore than he would accept a Seburo. The 2006m was arguably Emilio Ghisonis’ magnum opus, and Togusa trusted his life to that. He trusted his teams’ lives to that; and he trusted that weapon to bring him home to his family safely every night.

You might be reading this and thinking “It’s the next generation of the same gun essentially, so chill”. You might be right; after all new iterations of James Bond used various Walthers instead of the original PPK. But something about seeing Togusa with that Rhino just seems wrong. I own a few Rhinos and love them to death. However, I also love Peanut Butter and Relish; and you won’t see me mixing those two anytime soon. Maybe its’ like how they start Batou off without his trademark chrome eyes, but later in the film we get to see him as he should be. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see Togusa with a proper MaTeBa.

Until then I’ll be irked and mad at the world over them screwing up one of my favorite characters. I mean, come on Hollywood. Have some fidelity.

… I realize how ridiculous of a request that is. I’m leaving to go shoot my MaTeBa.


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    annakay Reply
    Mar 28, 2017 @ 11:52 am

    awesome article Pistol!you tell them whats up!

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    annakay says:
    awesome article Pistol!you tell them whats up!...